TNTESAGET student dormitory

“Tntesaget” Student Dormitory

16 Oct 2013

“Tntesaget” Student Dormitory has been put into operation since 2013-2014 academic year. The issue of providing living conditions for students is one of the components of the social project implemented by the University Administration.

“Tntesaget” Student Dormitory is completely renovated and furnished, equipped with modern techniques and heating systems. Student Dormitory offers excellent living conditions, very affordable prices. According to Rector's decision the following monthly fees are set out: for students from socially vulnerable families - 5000 AMD per person, for students living in far regions double rooms will cost 20,000 AMD per person, triple rooms - 15,000 AMD per person, 4-bed rooms – 12500 AMD per person. For foreign students a double room will cost 29000AMD per person, triple rooms - 24,000 AMD per person, 4-bed rooms – 20000 AMD per person.

There is also an entertainment hall, which is furnished and equipped with widescreen TV for making students’ everyday life interesting.

Kitchens, bedrooms are comfortably furnished, bathrooms are completely new, and there is a canteen inside the building. The beautiful yard of the dormitory is also distinguished and continuously improved.

Address: Nor Nork, 2nd district, Stepanyan 1, Yerevan