Yeghegnadzor Branch

22 Nov 2011

 Director` Sos Khachikyan 

Yeghegnadzor Branch of  Armenian  State  University  of   Economics 

The branch was established in 2007 according to the decree of the Government of Republic of Armenia. First admission was organized in 2008 in the following three specialties: “Finance”, “International Economic Relations” and “Management and Tourism Management”. As of 2011-2012 academic years at Yeghegnadzor Branch of Armenian State University of Economics study 100 students. At the branch are applied both free, with right of grace, and  paid  educational systems. Majority of the Faculty arrive fromYerevan.

The whole scientific-educational process is implemented according to programs, methodology and materials drafted by the appropriate chairs of the headquarter University. The branch has library, computer auditorium is under construction.

The Student Council of the Branch is very active. The members of the Council and other students regularly are involved in volunteer and paid work implemented by different organizations. Due to the Faculty and students of the Branch and by the support of local and international organizations was established “Center of Youth Initiatives”. In activities of the Center are not only involved students but also young people of city Yeghegnadzor and neighboring municipalities.   

Cooperation of the Branch is rather wide. The Branch cooperates with local and some international organizations, such as “Sustainable Development Foundation”, German GIZ, and with the Embassy of theUnited StatesinArmenia. Due to several projects implemented with the above mentioned bodies some auditoriums equipped with modern techniques were established.

Educational advancement is rather high. That is why annually 35-40% percent of students are granted scholarships on competitive basis.

Address: 4 Vayk str., Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor Region, Republic of Armenia

Tel: +374 281 2 54 10