the schedule of intermediate and final examination period of part-time and full-time Master programs, full-time Bachelor program of the 1st-4th courses.

23 Oct 2012

The  schedule  of  intermediate  and  final  examination period  of  part-time  and  full-time  Master  programs,  full-time  Bachelor  program of the  1st-4th courses.

Intermediate  test                   5.11.2012  - 16.11.2012

Test                                          20.12.2012 -28.12.2012

Final  examination period      8.01.2013 - 25.01.13

The  first  winding-up            31.01.2013 -7.02.2013

The  second  winding-up        14.02.2013 -21.02.2013