23 Oct 2012

Transfer to another curriculum for the students with a debt exceeding the tuition fee (Armenian version)

Publishing and printing standards of "Tntesaget" publishing house  (Armenian version)

Publishing and printing standards of "Tntesaget" publishing house (Armenian version)

Lectures are available on ASUE official website  (Armenian version)

Appointment of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) Board's Chairman (Armenian version)

The Curriculum for the 2nd  Semester of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs  (Armenian version)

Organizational Schedule of Educational Process for the First  Half of the 2017-2018 Academic Year’s Part-time  Study (Armenian version)

Schedule  of Courses  of the 1st Semester of  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  Programs for the 2014-2015  Academic  Year (Armenian version)   

Tuition fees  for  foreign  students'  foundation course (2014-2015  academic year) (Armenian version)

Schedule of scientific-research internship  and exams of the 2nd year stydents of  part-time Master Degree Program (2013-2014 academic year) (Armenian version)

ASUE Mandate Commission decision regarding  partial compensation of tuition fees of the 1st year students for the first semester  of 2013-2014 academic year (Armenian version)

Schedule  of  trainings, exams, winding-up  of  part-time  Bachelor's  and  Master's  degrees  for  the 2nd  semester  of  the  2013-2014  acedemic year

The  schedule  of  examamination  period  of  the 1st  semester  of the  2012-2013  academic year  and  organization  of   educational  trainings of  the  2013-2014  academic year

The  schedule  of  intermediate  and  final  examination period  of  part-time  and  full-time  Master  programs,  full-time  Bachelor  program of the  1st-4th courses