02 Oct 2013

Today ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan met the students  of Syrian  citizens  of  Armenian origin  who  study  in our University, the  goal  of  the  meeting was  to  get  acquainted  with  the  difficulties  on  the  beginning of  the academic  year and  to  show them a possible   support. The  Vice-Rector  of  Educational-Organizational Matters Mihrdat Harutyunyan,  the  Deans  of  the  Departments participated  in the  meeting.

At the beginning  of  the  meeting  the  Head of  the  University wondered about the  problems  and  difficulties the  students had during their  study.




One  of  the  students  mentioned  that he/she had a problem of  paying tuition fee on September,  another  one  pointed out the lack of knowledge of Russian, there  was a  question regarding curricula. In response to a question regarding the payment of tuition fee on September  ASUE  Rector  mentioned, that although the  deadline  of paying tuition fees is September 24, the  University  Administration hasn’t  obliged anybody to  pay  it  before  the  deadline,   moreover,  the  University  Administration has  announced  on  beginning of academic  year  that it’s  ready  to  establish a  flexible schedule of tuition fees  and  to support the  students.  Koryun Atoyan  responded  the  question regarding   the lack of knowledge of Russian;   “Separate teams  will be formed, individual classes will  be  organized”. The  Rector  recommended the  Vice-Rector of  Educational-Organizational  Matters and  the  Deans to organize  a  meeting  tomorrow  and clarify incomprehensible  questions for  the  students.



Koryun Atoyan urged the  students to  apply the  University Administration  on any problem and  issue,  as it  is  ready  to  support  the  students  and  find  solutions  to  their  problems.  He  reminded  that a  social  package  had  been  operated  at the  University in this  academic  year. The  Rector  suggested them to make  use  of  all  opportunities  offered  by the  University: new  repaired  and fully furnished Student  House.  He  reminded  that the  University  Administration was  ready to  support all  students.  “Say what  kind of  problems you  have, we’ll discuss them. You  are a  full  member  of  our  University. This  is  your  country, you  should  integrate quickly, maybe some  of  you will  stay and live  here”; said Koryun Atoyan

“You  are  our  students  and you can enjoy all the benefits of our University, moreover, you  have more privileges”; added the  Vice-Rector  of Educational-Organizational Matters Mihrdat  Harutyunyan.

 ASUE Media and Public  Relations  Division