08 Jul 2014

ASUE internationalization, based on the new mission of the University, is aimed at the recognition of education quality, ensuring comparability of qualifications and competitiveness. Internationalization of ASUE is a crucial factor for international awareness and best practices.

Since 2012, ASUE has been implementing three projects within the European Union Tempus Program.


ARARAT program is a three-year-old and is aimed at creating and strengthening University-employer relations.

ARARAT is a national project aimed at ameliorating the relevance of higher education to ever-changing labor market needs through establishment and operationalization of universities-employers cooperation nexus in Armenia, which runs from Oct. 2012 to April 2016. The main goal of the program is to work with all stakeholders in education to ensure the relation between education and labor market and to implement educational reform based on the labor market requirements. Learning outcomes for a range of specialties and subject areas will be worked out, educational and methodological packages will be published. ASUE staff will be trained abroad.

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Outcomes of ARARAT Project and Final assessment by EACEA


The European Union's Tempus HEN-GEAR (Higher Education Network for Human Capital Assessment and Graduate Employability in Armenia) launched in October 2012  at the Armenian State University of Economics  and the program partner 7 Universities was over by the final meeting on October 29, 2015.  The report provided by the ASUE Quality Assurance Division, which is involved in the program  implementation is  available HERE.

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The data  of graduates  of Armenian State University of Economics collected in the framework of HEN-GEAR program


The goal of the program is to develop a modern education management curriculum, based on European guidelines and principles. Training of modules of education leaders will be developed, ASUE faculty and administrative staff will be trained in EU Universities and international organizations during the program implementation. In case of a successful duration of the program, the qualifications of the ASUE education management specialization will be recognized in partner European countries, particularly in France, Great Britain and Italy.

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Guided  with  ASUE  strategic purposes   of internationalization, recognition of the quality of education,   comparability of qualifications   and  ensuring   competitiveness  project proposals  of higher education reforms   were  developed   by  initiative  of  UNESCO  Chair on Education Management and  Quality Assurance Division  at  ASUE  and  by  approval  of  ASUE  Administration  were  presented  to  European Commission  within the   framework  of  Tempus  programs,    4  of  which  were  approved.  ASUE  will  fulfill   the  following  projects   during  3  years  since  2013:

1. Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE (ESPAQ),

2. EU TEMPUS VERITAS (Structural development of the third cycle based on Salzburg principles)

EU TEMPUS VERITAS (Structural development of the third cycle based on Salzburg principles) is a three-year national project, under the priority of Governance Reform, EACEA N° 35/2012, 6th call and Structural Measures action. The wider objective of the project is to ameliorate doctoral education in Armenian Higher Education System through alignment with European Qualifications Framework and Salzburg Principles.

The Projects involves RA 20 HEIs and educational institutions, European leading HEIs and educational institutions. 4 European partner universities are: Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Bath Spa University (UK), University of Girona (Spain), University of Heidelberg (Germany). Various RA universities and organizations are members of the "VERITAS" program: Yerevan State Medical University (project coordinator), RA National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan State University, Armenian State University of Economics, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Gavar State University, Vanadzor State Pedagogical University, Northern University, as well as "Quality of education" JSC, RA Ministry of Education and Science, Higher Attestation Commission, National Center for Quality Assurance.

The specific objectives are:

  • Strengthening human potential in research by building a critical mass of quality researchers through development, integration and efficient management of doctoral education in Armenian HE.
  • Promoting international recognition of the III level study programmes of the ANQF through developing and adopting award criteria that are in line with Salzburg principles and comparable with international ones.
  • Developing a system of quality evaluation and monitoring in scientific research by building and strengthening systems for continual tracking of relevant parameters.
  • Stimulating and strengthening integration of science and research at universities through establishment/revision of university structures which will promote scientific research, network knowledge in education, research and innovation, enhance quality, effectiveness, flexibility.
  • Establishment of preconditions for quality PhD education and research.
  • Formulation of PhD award criteria and quality standards in Doctoral Education.
  • Development and launch of 11 new PhD programs in Armenia (11 pilot projects).
  • Adoption of the PhD award criteria and quality standards.

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3. Fostering Autonomy and Accountability: Development of State-of-the-art HE Management System for Efficient Changes in Line with Bologna Principles  (GOVERN).


 Project   implementation has  begun  in  November, 2013  and  is  carried out by University consortiums including   Universities  and  educational institutions   in  the  European Union, as well as Armenia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.