Economic research

11 Oct 2016

“Amberd” Research Center, trying to contribute to working out strategies of economic development, increase of competitiveness and optimization of state administration of the Republic of Armenia, has  conducted about two dozen research programs, the summarized results of which were sent to state government bodies and other Armenian research centers interested in these issues.

The center has carried out research on:

-         small and medium enterprise promotion in the regions;

-         reduction of unemployment and adjustments of wage inequalities;

-         regulation of labor emigration; 

-         investment of innovative methods in the use of mineral resources;

-         developing effective approaches to the regulation of competitive situation in food and vital non-food product markets;

-         regulation of economic competitiveness;

-         improvement of financial system and transportation infrastructures;

-         opportunities for economic growth by the promotion of the construction sphere;

-         promotion of export and diversification;

-         stimulation of the investments of Armenian diaspora in the economy;

-         equal territorial development;

-         economic perspectives of the membership in EEU;

-         optimization of fiscal policy;

-         assessment of the country’s technological potential;

-         priorities of optimization of state government and local self-government systems in Armenia.

The expediency of implementation of these reserch programs was determined after discussions with various government departments of the RA.

The center conducts research based not only on the official statistical sources, but also on the observations, expert and sociological surveys carried out by “Amberd” Research Center.

 Experienced and highly qualified researchers in the fields of economics, statistics and management work in our team and collaborate with our center.

Currently, in the field of Economic research “Amberd” is specialized in the following areas:

-         Implementation of macroeconomic analyses and forecasting;

-         Complex research of sectors and branches of the economy;

-         Elaboration of development programs of the branches of the economy;

-         Implementation of research studies in state government and local self-government systems;

-         Accomplishment of social sphere research;

-         Implementation of marketing research in product markets;

-         Implementation of research of households;

-         Implementation of financial markets research.