31 Oct 2016

Armenian State University of Economics goes on developing, creates new success and achievements day by day.

Constantly reviewing and refining the curriculums and syllabi of numerous professions and specializations, educational documents, standards are  the  bases  of  the  University activities, and it’s  already a few  years that serious  scientific activity is being  carried  out  in “AMBERD”  Research Center and via the  University SEGs on the  way  of becoming  a  research  University.

Involvement in various programs  of Tempus  and “Erasmus+”, preparatory and higher education of foreign applicants  are important steps  in international cooperation platform. Raising the quality of education is a priority activity: Quality Assurance  Center is  operated  in the  University.

The  University  activity is publicized via  the official trilingual website, Facebook official page and publishing “Tntesaget” official magazine.

The number of University  auditoriums equipped with the modern information technologies is  increasing day by day, e-library, QR library and “Smart Walls” are  operated  here. 

In addition to cozy gyms a rifle range is  also  operated  in the  University  enabling students to develop this  skill also.

Parallel to steps aimed at improving educational and  academic quality, enhancing the University reputation, huge construction works have  been  also carried  out during the previous five years  to make  the  environment comfortable, aesthetic  and useful  for  study.

University reforms are continuing.