04 Dec 2012

Date of   birth    



 2004-2008 Armenian State  University of  Economics, Bachelor’s  Program   Degree, Economics  of  Labour   specialty

2008-2010     Armenian State  University of  Economics,  Master’s  Program Degree,  Customs  specialty

Since 2010 Postgraduate at the  Chair of Environmental  Economics

Work activity   

2013 Lecturer at the Chair of Environmental Economics,

2013-2014 Adviser to the Rector,

Since 2014 July Vice Rector on Students and Alumni Affairs

Professional courses            

He has participated in numerous national and international youth student   conferences.

Scientific works

3 scientific articles devoted to  the  improvement  of  the use of  economic mechanisms of  the  secondary  resources  in the  RA


2006-2007  the  President of  the Department of  Management

2007-2010  Vice-President of  ASUE  Student  Council

Since 2007  a  memeber of  ASUE  Council

Since 2009 a  member of  ASUE  Scientific  Council

Since   July 9, 2010  the  President  of  ASUE  Student  Council

2010-2012  the  Director  of  orange front  of  “Baze”   Armenian  Youth  turnout

2011  the  Vice-President of  Armenian  National  Student   Association