16 Oct 2012

Date of   birth    



YSU  1965, Doctor  of  Economics, Professor

2006   Corresponding   member   of  National Academy  of   Sciences  of Armenia

2010  Full  member  of  the  RA  National Academy of   Sciences

Work activity

1987-1994  Vice-Rector  of  Scientific  Works  of  Yerevan Institute of National Economy,  Deputy  of  the  Chairman  of  the  Council  awarding   degrees  in Economics

1991-1992  pluralistically   worked as   the Prime Minister's  Adviser

1994  the  Head  of  Management  Chair  of  Yerevan  State  Institute  of  Economics

2006-2011  ASUE  Rector

The  president  of  ASUE  Professional  Council  awarding  scientific  degrees 

2012   Adviser to the Rector

 Professional courses

“Mangement”,  “Strategic Management”

 Scientific works

220  scientific  works, including  30  monographs: “Material   promotion  for  increasing  labour productivity in industry”  (Yerevan, 1976),  “The  effectiveness   of    labour  productivity  and  production”  (Yerevan,  1976),  “Productivity  of  social work: measurement, analysis, promotion” (Yerevan,  1980,  Russian),  “Management  of  labour productivity growth  in  industry”  (Yerevan,  1987,  Russian),  “Labour   productivity:  regional issues  (co authored,  Moskva,  1988),  “Economic mechanism  of   Economics’  intensification”,  (Yerevan,  1990),  “Strategic Management:  methodology and contemporary issues”  (Yerevan,  1996),   “Schemes  of  public  management’s  theory  and  history”  (Yerevan  2004)  and etc.

General editorship and co-authored:  “Management”  the  first university textbook  in Armenian  (Yerevan,  1999,  2002,  2009),

“Schemes  of  history of  Armenian  management thought”  (Yerevan,  2005),

“Scientific-educational  system  and  economic  development” (Yerevan,  2001).