International Conference in Batumi

12 Jun 2012

 The American University for Humanities  organizes  an  International Conference on The Caucasus and Iran, which will held on November 23 - 27, 2012, in Batumi, Georgia.

Deadline of Abstract/ Proposal: 26 July 2012.

Telephone: 996 32 266 0093


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• Historical bonds in the Region
• Local and national development; constraints and preferences
• Participatory factors in community development
• Education and cultural development
• Oil, Gas and Fuel; now and the future
• National and Regional technological development
• Globalization, innovation and social change
• National industries and economic development
• Cultural planning and policy
• Rural and urban regeneration
• Role of women in national development; constraints and options
• Sectarianism and integration; constraints and rights
• Art products as shared cultural symbols
• Industrial design and production and entrepreneurship
• Socio-cultural aspects of intercommunity relations
• Literature/film of the Region in the service of humanity
• Multi-media and skills development in the Region
• Music and art in service of cultural/economic development
• Popular culture
• The present policies and strife for conflict resolution
• Effects of modern technology and commercialization in the Region

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