ASUE Strategic plan for the period of 2015-2017

26 May 2016

Description of Institution

The Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) is a non-commercial state organization.

The Armenian State University of Economics was established in 1930. It is the largest and leading economic educational institution in Armenia with more than 8000 students and 650 academic staff members. ASUE established affiliations in the regions of Armenia: in the city of Gyumri (in 1997) and in Yeghegnadzor city (in 2008). The institution currently implements Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Programs. More than 30.000 highly-skilled specialists have been trained at the University. Most of them are currently working in the spheres of Economy, Science, Culture, Education etc.

Teaching and research organized at the 6 Departments, 28 Chairs, 20 of which are of economic and the other 8 of common disciplines. Academic staff of ASUE consists of 35 Professors, Doctors of Science; 141 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science; 87 Assistant Professors; 103 Lecturers and more than 60 qualified specialists.

Vision of ASUE

By 2018 ASUE will become the most competitive Higher Education Institution in Armenia with economic profile, being provider of applied knowledge, skills and competences and field concerned research.

Mission of ASUE 

Main principles of the new mission of ASUE are to provide and develop alumni employability, effective management of educational processes, administrative, financial and other services, competitiveness and internationalization, quality of education and availability, validity of scientific and research works, practical nature and commercialization. A new stage of educational developments is conditioned by the shift of the educational paradigm, a process of shifting from teacher-centered approach to student-centered approach.

Governance and Administration

The ASUE boasts a structured governance system. The institution’s governance is implemented through the RA legislations related to education, higher and post-graduate vocational education, state non-profit organizations, as well as 1436 resolution adopted by the RA government on 15 November, 2012. The resolution was passed in accordance with the ASUE charter and implies self-governance by the rector, the University board, and the Scientific Council. The University is authorized to self-governance through self-management and joint leadership.

The system of management of ASUE, the current regulations and orders enable the lecturers and the students tobe involved in different levels of management and have a direct participation in both managing the process of the university, the questions discussed at the university and take decisions on them. In other words, the concerned people of the university inside, take part directly in the management of ASUE at various levels which makes the activities in the university transparent and understandable. 

Mission of HRM Division

The mission of HRM of ASUE is to create effective environment where administrative and academic staff members can experience safe, productive, cooperative atmosphere and fulfill academic freedoms. HRM is realizing ASUE`s mission to recruit, nurture and support for professional development of staff.

Human Resources prioritized Strategic Lines

  • Working conditions
  • Recruitment (policies and procedures)
  • Career Development and promotion

ASUE Strategic plan for  the  period  of 2015-2017  has been discussed  by  ASUE Methodological Board  and  is  approved  /attached document/.