A Grant contest is announced (an order, committee)

14 Sep 2012

According to  the  order   of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics'  Scientific Council (N11,  May  31,  2012)   a class  of   providing  ASUE  Interuniversity   scientific   grant    is  operated  since  September  1, 2012,   according  to  which implementation contest  of   Interuniversity  scientific  and  scientific-research  works  is  announced.

Program priorities  of  the  RA  Government  of  2012-2017  have  been  set   as  the  main  directions  of  the  contest:

- Increasing the competitiveness of the economy,

- Development of human capital,

- Institutional capacity building.

The maximum value  for  financing  the  implementation of  scientific-research:

-for  a  project  between  Chairs:  up to 5 million  drams,

-for a  project  implemented  by  a  Chair:   up  to 3 million drams,

-for  a project  implemented  by  a creative collective:  up to 1,5 million drams,  

-for  a  project implemented  single:  up  to 700.000 drams,

-for a  project  implemented  by  a  young,  till  35  years  old  scientist or  by  a  creative  collective  of  scientists: up to  500.000  drams,

-for a  project  implemented  by a post  graduate: up to 500.000  drams,

-for  a  project  implemented  by  a  student: up to  300.000 drams.

 The  deadline  for  presenting  scientific-research projects  is  October  30, 2012.

The  staff  of  competition committee  is  as  follows:

The  president of  the  Committee- Koryun Atoyan,  the  Rector  of the  University, Doctor of Economics

Members  of the  Committee:

G.Vardanyan-  the  Vice-Rector  of  Science   and  International  Relations, Doctor  of Economics,  Professor,  the  deputy of  the  Committee's  President,

L.Grigoryan- the  Head  of  the Chair of Managerial Accounting and Auditing,  Candidate  of  Economics,  the  Secretary  of  the Committee

H. Aghajanyan-the  Head  of the Chair  of  Theory  of  Economics,  Doctor  of  Economics,  Professor

S. Gevorgyan- the  Head  of the Chair  of  Environmental Economics

V. Gevorgyan- the  President  of  SSS, an Assistant  of   the Chair of Managerial Accounting and Auditing

A. Tavadyan- the  Head  of the  Chair  of  Chair of Mathematical Methods in Economics, Doctor  of Economics,  Professor

G. Kirakosyan- Adviser to the  Rector,  Doctor  of  Economics, Professor

M. Melqumyan- the  Head  of  the  Chair of Microeconomics and Organization of Entrepreneurial Activities,  Doctor  of  Economics, Professor

Yu.  Suvaryan- the  Head  of the  Chair  of  Management,  Doctor  of  Economics, Professor,  academician

V. Sargsyan- the  Head  of  the  CHair  of  Chair of Information Systems Management,  Doctor  of  Economics, Professor

S. Suqiasyan- the  Dean of  Department  of  Finance,  an Associate  Professor  of  Chair of Public Finance,    Doctor  of  Economics 

A. Margaryan- the  Dean  of the  Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations,  Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor   

The  elected  scientific-research  projects   will  be  financed  since  January 1, 2013.   Attachment  file.