About the Project

24 Aug 2016

Armenian State  University of  Economics adopting  a policy of the University internationalization, recognition of the quality of education, ensuring comparability of qualifications and competitiveness actively participates in international projects.

On  November, 2013, "Promoting Educational Organisation through people  (PEOPLE)" project  has  launched, which is  carried out by University consortiums including   Universities  and  educational institutions   in  the  European Union, as well as Armenia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  

Participation in the  project  enables identification of capacities in the field of human resources management, creation of new working  style  in the  result  of analysis and evaluation of human resources, which will be directed  to implementation of human resources management  according to qualitative  and professional features.

The  project also enables to identify the problems of human resource management and development, as well as needs.