19 May 2016

The  students,  who haven't  got  the  graduate   diploma,   should  register  in database  of  graduates, which   will  contribute  to  improvement of graduates’ employability  and  development of  labor market  relations                     

The  database  will  be available  to Armenian and Foreign employers.

Educational-Methodological  Matters  and  Cooperation  with  Labor  Market  Division  informs  that graduates’ registration is a prerequisite for receiving diplomas of  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  Programs  of the 2014  academic year. The  graduates  should  present the leaflet  and  a  paper  about filling  in the questionnaire  to  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center. 

Visit  the  following  link  to  register in the database  and  to fill in an electronic  questionnaire.

This guide  will help  you to be registered  in the system.