09 Oct 2013

The  Library  of  Armenian State  University of  Economics  has  been established in 1975 on the  first  day  of  the  University’s foundation.  The  first  Director  was  Donara Palanjyan,  Venera  Avalyan headed  the  Library  since  1994,  and since 2013  the  Director  of  the  Library  is  Armine  Hovhannisyan. 

The  book  fund received  from  Yerevan State  University (about 40,000 units)  has  been  supplemented  with  textbooks, fiction literature, scientific  magazines, maps, vocabularies    during  the  years:  now  it  is  about 180.000 units.

The  Library  had 1000  readers  on  foundation years and  now  it  has  6000  ones.

Recruitment, Development and Bibliography Section

The  Library   has  been  moved    to  N5  building   on January, 2008.  Beautifully furnished, bright reading  halls  daily serves  about 50 students, lecturers  and employees  of  the  University  other  sub divisions.    The  Reading  Halls  are equipped with  computers,  which  enables  the  students to make use of the Internet,   electronic  library,  to  get  acquainted  with the daily  media.Scientific reading  hall  after  Mushegh  Adonts,  student  three  reading  halls,  recruitment,  development  and  bibliography,  service  sections  and  the stacks  are  operated at  the  library. There  is another  reading  hall at  the  Department  of  Computer Science and Statistics.


The   main source  of  replenishment of library  fund is purchase, donations  and subscription. Manuals, textbooks and scientific papers   are the  majority  of  literature  being protected  at  the  fund,  about  160.000   units.  There  are  also   fiction, dictionaries, maps  in the  library. The  Library  is  supplemented  with  25  newspapers  and  magazines.

Replenishment  process  of electronic  library  and  electronic  catalogue is  being carried  out,  which   will  enable not  only  maintain  book  fund,  but  also  improve  the quality   of  service.  The  theses  protected  at  ASUE  Professional  Council  and  the  examples  of  their  abstracts, as  well as  the examples  of  abstracts  protected  at  other  Universities  are   saved  at  the  Library.  Realizing the role and the importance of  modern  libraries,  combining traditional and new methods of work, the  Library  implements a continuous replenishment of funds,  using also  electronic resources,  cooperates   the  University’s  other  subdivisions,  Chairs,  other  Universities,  tries  to  find  new  forms  of  service  and  contacts  with  students.


 Service  Section 

Replenishment  of  book  fund  is  carried  out  at  recruitment, development and bibliography section,  new  books  are  registered  at  appropriate  registers,   catalogues are  formed  and  edited,  the movement of the book  in the stacks  is controlled, the current received  media  is  registered, check out  of  the  old  literature is  controlled.  It  forms  the  list  of  newspapers,  scientific magazines,  directory  publications  and  presents  it  to  the  University’s  appropriate  subdivisions.   The  whole  book  fund  is kept  in the stack.  This section  performs the registration of readers, directs the reader to the catalogues,  hand  the  ordered literature to  the  readers.


Scientific Reading  Hall after  Mushegh Adonts, Student  Reading Halls


Student  Reading  Halls


Student Reading  Hall  at  Zeytun


UN  Corner

The UN Corner of the Armenian State University of Economics was opened in April, 2013 within the frame of the Cooperation Agreement signed between the United Nations Department of Public Information Office in Yerevan and the Armenian State University of Economics. It is located at the scientific reading hall of the University library. The UN stock presently includes more than 850 units of publications and other information material in English, Armenian and Russian.
The constantly updated and replenished UN stock contains materials about the UN values and its global agenda, including publications on human rights, social and economic policy, regional cooperation, demographic processes, civil society development, environmental protection, etc.
The UN Corner also serves as a platform for organization of  outreach, cultural, educational and other UN related events.

Officer-in-charge: Naira Andryan
Tel: 010-59-34-85, 077-24-00-57
Address: 128 Nalbandyan, 0025 Yerevan

For information about the UN Office in Armenia, please visit:
UN Armenia Virtual Library: