20 Oct 2014

Today, a  measure  devoted  to  World  Statistics  Day  was held at  Department of Computer  Science  and  Statistics, Armenian  State   University  of  Economics,  which  was  initiated the  Directorate  of  ASUE  Library joint  with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI).

The  event  was  attended  by   the  Dean of  the  Department of  Computer  Science  and  Statistics, Manuk  Movisyan,  representatives  of  Faculty,  Director  of  ASUE  Library, Armine  Hovhannisyan,  University  collaborators,  special  guests: Coordinator  of  “Population and Development”  project  of United Nations Population Fund”,  Anna Hovhannisyan,  and   Head of  Population Census and Demography Division of  National Statistical Service of RA, Karine Kuyumjyan, lecturers,  students.

First, Armine  Hovhannisyan  congratulated  the  participants  on  professional  day, and  mentioned  that  ASUE  Library would  continue  to  organize such events,  then added, the  Library cooperated with UN  Country Team, and  the  event  was  organized within the framework  of  that cooperation.  Evaluating  the profession of statistician,  the  Director  quoted Keynes:  that’s,  “3 things you need to become a good economist: economics, statistics, and again theory”.

Manuk Movsisyan  welcomed  the  participants, and  mentioned that ASUE was  the  only  University  in Armenia  preparing  statistician: annually  25-30 specialist  with  Bachelor’s Degree  and 10-15  ones  with Master’s Degree.

The  Dean  presented  details  regarding  World  Statistics  Day,  stressing  that UN Statistical Commission adopted a decision on the  41st  session  in 2010  to  celebrate October 20 as  the  World  Statistics  Day, which  is  already celebrated    five times.

Then  Anna  Hovhannisyan  and Karine Kuyumjyan  had  speeches,  each of  them  presented the  activities,  functions  of  the  organizations  they  deal  with.  The  guest  also  attached  importance  to  profession  of  statistician,  indicating that it’s crucial for the  Republic.

Acting  Head of  the Chair  of  Statistics, Karen Hakobyan,  also  congratulated  the  participants. The  speakers answered  the  questions  asked by  the  participants.

Professor  at  the  Chair  of  Statistics,  Martin Fahradyan,  and  Associate  Professor  at  the  same  Chair, Valerya  Alexanyan,  expressed  their  gratitude to the  organizers  for   the  beautiful measure.

Books related  to  statistics were  presented  during the  measure.  At  the  end  of  the  meeting  notebooks  and  calendars with  unique design were handed  to students on  professional holiday.

We  congratulate the  collaborators of  the  sector  and  students  on  professional  holiday.


ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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