Rectorate’s Board Approved the List of Students Got Compensation of Tuition Fee, Activation of Scientific Life at the University was Highlighted

10 Nov 2017

Two main issues  were  involved in today’s Rectorate’s  Board session. Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Professor, gave  the  floor  to Mihrdat  Harutyunyan, Vice Rector  of Educational-organizational Matters, for reporting the  first  issue.

Reporting the decree of ASUE  Mandate committee on partial compensation of tuition fee  of the first half  for  the  2017-2018 academic year, the Vice Rector stated  that 743 students have  applied for  the  partial compensation, 653 ones were involved in the discounts’ list, including the  tuition fees of 96 students participating in April-four-day war  were discounted at 50%. The decree of Mandate committee was approved.

Gagik Vardanyan, Vice  Rector  of  Science  and International Relations, reported  on bases of Master's degree scientific-research and PhD research internships, stating that establishment of 4 scientific-educational laboratories will put on an institutional basis the internship of Master’s degree and PhD students.

Vice-Rector noted that it is already noticeable that the cooperation between the Chairs and laboratories should form a basis for the organization of scientific researches, effective process.

In the  context of activation of scientific life  at the University Koryun Atoyan informed  that our University's research activities are also noticeable outside. The Rector added that it is necessary to give a new dimension to scientific activity, involving more scientists.

Gagik Vardanyan highlighted  that economists of  our University should seek to participate in these discussions  as experts, then called  the  Deans  and the  Chairs to conduct the preparation  for  the upcoming – ASUE 27th conference, properly, so that it really serves as a platform for discussing contemporary economic issues.

After agenda issues current ones were also discussed, which  were  reported  by Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector  of Educational-methodological matters, Deans. The issues regarding the absence,  dates of tuition fees were discussed.

Mikhail Karapetyan, Vice Rector  of Administrative  Affairs, announced  that tomorrow – on November 11, Municipality of Yerevan has announced  citywide tree planting action, to which our University should also participate.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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