The University Achievements were Presented During the Extended Session of Scientific Board (photos)

27 Dec 2017

Today, the  extended session of Scientific  Board  was  held at ASUE Big Hall, which was attended by  the University Vice Rectors, Deans, the Chairs, Heads of Administrative Divisions, representatives of  the Academic  and Administrative staffs.

Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector  of Educational-Methodological Matters,  held  the session,  presented the only issue on the agenda and gave  the  floor  to Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Doctor  of Sciences, Professor.

The  Rector reported  on academic-scientific  and financial-economic activities in 2017  and  the  main indicators of the draft budget in 2018 summarizing one year of the University, during which, as the Rector emphasized, the major  part  of the  intended problems for  the 2017 by ASUE 2016-2020 Development Plan of the Strategic Plan of Action was mostly solved due  to joint efforts.

The Rector touched upon the academic  process, scientific-research and international activities, public relations development, student council activities, social policy, economic and financial activities, and then presented the  results of  2017 budget performance  and 2018 budget indicators.

Koryun Atoyan mentioned that the report will soon be published in the official website of the University, which will give an opportunity to get acquainted with the activity of all subdivisions, achievements of the University and the  current outcomes.

Summing up the report, Koryun Atoyan mentioned that in 2017, the University administration  has been carried  out in partnership with the governing bodies (ASUE Board, Scientific Board and Rectorate Board), teaching-methodological, scientific-research, organizational and financial-economic activities have been implemented with the active participation and joint work of all subdivisions of the University.

“Despite the noticeable success we have a lot to do in all directions. During all of our meetings and discussions, I have expressed my concerns about the problems facing the education sector, about our University's plans and prospects in that context. We have to unite and concentrate our efforts to make the University more competitive and build our future in a more reasonable way. So I call you to direct your efforts towards this goal  in 2018"; stated the Rector.

The Scientific Board decided to approve the report on ASUE academic-scientific  and financial-economic activities in 2017  and  the  main indicators of the draft budget in 2018, as well as to present it to discussion and approval of ASUE Board.

 As the festive days are  ahead Koryun Atoyan warmly  congratulated  ASUE members wishing them personal and family well-being, working success and accomplishment of all dreams.







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