The Landscape Features of the Country were at the Core of the Seminar of the Chair of Environmental Economics

30 Oct 2017

Today, regular scientific seminar was  conducted on “Possibilities of Rooting the Adaptive-Landscape System of Agricultural Production in the Republic of Armenia” by the  Chair  of Environmental Economics, which  was  attended  by Gagik Vardanyan, Vice  Rector  of Science  and International Relations, Suren Gevorgyan, the Chair, Doctor  of Sciences, Professor, the  Chair staff, Samvel Avetisyan,  Senior Researcher of  “Economic Research” Program of “AMBERD” Research Center, Program Coordinator, Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Professor, Karen Grigoryan, the acting Chair of  Macroeconomics, PhD in Economics, Associate  Professor, employees, students.

In his  welcoming  speech Gagik Vardanyan referred  to the purpose of holding seminars, emphasizing that the Chairs are expected to bring together relevant practical recommendations that would be worthy of representing to the Government.

Suren Gevorgyan spoke  on the  research topics of  the  Chair – “Economic Assessment and Management of the Environment and Natural Resource Potential”, “Issues of Ensuring Ecological Safety on Ground Use in the Environment in the Republic of  Armenia”, “Current Issues and Development Prospects of Ecological Tourism in the  Republic of Armenia”, “Prospects for Alternative Farming Development in the Republic of Armenia”, “The Interconnection of Energy and Climate Global Change”, “The Possibilities of Rooting the Adaptive-Landscape System of Agricultural Production in the Republic of Armenia”.

Today, 3 researchers  of the  last  topic presented  reports. Volodyan Manasyan presented classification approaches of  landscape, the peculiarities of landscape system in the  Republic of Armenia, and population resettlement issues.

Armen Rubenyan continuing the topic, and  based on NSS data viewed the spatial features of the RA, discussed a number of issues related to the legal regulation of the landscape, concluding that there is a need for the elaboration of a new law and made recommendations. As a result researchers outlined the possibilities of rooting the adaptive-landscape system of agricultural production in the  Republic of Armenia.

Hrachya Sargysn reported  on assessment of lands intended for recreation zones.


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