The Curriculum for the 2nd Semester of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs was Approved

26 Dec 2017

Today, the  year-end session of  Rectorate Board was held at  ASUE Conference Hall. The  Deans  presented the  outcomes  of the scientific-pedagogical internship of the 2nd year full-time  Master’s degree.

Mihrdat Harutyunyan, Vice Rector of Educational-Organizational Matters, presented  the  curriculum for the 2nd semester of the Bachelor’s  and Master’s degree programs, which was approved and  is  available HERE.

A number of current  issues were  discussed. ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan reminded the  members  of Rectorate Board that the  extended session of  Scientific Board will be  held tomorrow. More  information is  availableգիտխորհրդի-ընդլայնված-նիստ-դեկտեմբերի-27-ին-3541.


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