Department of Finance

Department of Finance

Department of  Finance  is ASUE structural unit,  which carries a higher professional education- finance, including Bachelor’s specializations:


2.Security Market Analysis  and  Management,

Master’s Degree

1.Public Finance,

2.Corporate Finance,

3.Customs Admistration

Insurance, including Bachelor’s specializations:


Master’s Degree


2.Banking Organization

Here are prepared the following specialists: Finance, Insurance, Customs, Securities market, Banking. The courses are organized in accordance with international standards.

Since 2016-2017 academic year admission of Finance specialties is only organized.

Currently the courses are organized both full-time and part-time. Duration of studies of full-time Bachelor’s program is 4 years and full-time Master’s program- 2, part-time Bachelor’s program is 5 and part-time Master’s - 2, 5 years.

Parallel with educational activities the lecturers of the Department carry scientific-research and scientific-methodological works. They have published several monographs, manuals, problem books, texts for lectures, methodological materials, many articles.

The Department cooperates with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon, France, Universities of Paris 12  and  Zaragoza, Spain.

Dean of the  Department: Vahe MIKAYELYAN

Vice Dean: Arevik HARUTYUNAN

Statute of the  Department  of Finance (Armenian version)

Chairs of the Department of Finance

Chair of  Finance

Chair of  Banking  and  Insurance

Address: Department of Finance, ASUE, Nalbandyan 128, 0025,Yerevan,Armenia

Tel: (+37410) 593-466