Department of Computer Science and Statistics

Department of Computer Science and Statistics

Currently the courses are organized both full-time and part-time. Duration of studies of full-time Bachelor’s program is 4 years and full-time Master’s program- 2, part-time Bachelor’s program is 5 and part-time Master’s - 2, 5 years.

For the Bachelor’s full-time program the specialties are as follows: 

1.   Statistics

2.  Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

3.   Information Systems

For the Master’s program specialties are as follows:

1.   Statistics

2.   Management Information Systems 

3.   Electronic Business

4.   Mathematical Methods and Models in Economics

Dean of the Department: Manuk MOVSISYAN

Vice Dean: 

Statute of the Department of Computer Science and Statistics  (Armenian version)

Chairs of the Department of Computer Science and Statistics

Chair of Statistics

Mathematical Methods in Economics

Economic  Computer Science and Information Systems 

Address: Department of Computer Science and Statistics, Paruir Sevak, 0069,Yerevan,Armenia

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