Frequently asked questions


17 Oct 2014

ASUE specialties and specializations

The  list of  Bachelors, Masters, as well as PhD specialties and specializations  is available via the mentioned  link:

Procedures and more information on academic process.

“Student Guide”  is published every year in which students' rights and duties, the nature of the credit system, assessment system and other details are described. This year’s guide is available via  the mentioned link:

Procedure for tuition fee compensation at ASUE

Armenian State University of Economics has developed regulations for students’ pensions,  state and nominal scholarships. Regulations are published in the official website of the University under the heading "Documents"-

ASUE Wi-Fi password

ASUE Wi-Fi Password is asue1930.

ASUE sport-health resort

ASUE  “Tntesaget”  sport-health  resort    is  situated  on the  picturesque  shore  of  Bldan  river  in Dilijan.   It  was founded  as  a  sport-health  camp, but  it  got  sport resort status  on January, 2012.  The first construction works   of the  sport resort  have  started  in  1976.   “Tntesaget”  sport-health resort  has  been  expanded and renovated  year  by  year.   The  tents  and prefabricated cottages have  been  replaced  by  a  two-store-stone  houses,  a  pool,  courts  of  volleyball,  basketball,  a  stadium  of  Football,  a  new  building   of   canteen,  bath and club   have  been  built. 

Repair and improvement works  are  done  every  year, gradually  comfortable conditions  for  rest   are  created  by the  efforts  of  ASUE  Administration.

The  sport-health  resort   is  operated  in summer  with 4  relays,  about   400  ASUE  students  and  workers  have  rest  here.   Sport and cultural various events make the vacationists day unforgettable and remarkable. 

The trip for ASUE  workers  costs 35.000 AMD and  40.000AMD  for their  families'  members.  

ASUE student dormitory

ASUE “Tntesaget”  Student Dormitory has  been put into operation since 2013-2014 academic year.  It is located in Nor  Nork, 2nd district, Stepanyan 1. ASUE “Tntesaget”  Student Dormitory is completely renovated and furnished, equipped with modern techniques and heating systems.  Student Dormitory offers excellent living conditions, very affordable prices.  More information is available via the  mentioned  link

ASUE Admission Committee

ASUE Admission Committee is formed on the eve of the state final examinations and usually is open from May to November, from 9:00am to17:00pm (Monday through Friday). During the period of full-time undergraduate admission, the Commission works every day from 9:00am to 18:00pm.

Membership to ASUE Student Council

After admission to ASUE, the student can contact the Student Council of the Department, to fill in the appropriate application, where his/her name and preferences  are marked. More information is available via the  mentioned  link