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25 Aug 2016


ASUE collaborators and students summer vacation in “Tntesaget” sport-health resort

On August 25, “Tntesaget” sport-health resort summed  up its work.  Hakob Kyokchyan, lecturer  at  the  Chair  of  Physical Training, Emergency Situations and Civil Defense, Head of “Tntesaget” sport-...

26 Aug 2016 More
Information on admission of full-time and part-time MA program

Today  is  the  last  day  for  admission of full-time MA  program for  2016-2017 academic  year.   Executive  Secretary of  Admission Committee  Mary  Badalyan told  us, that  today  the  admission o...

25 Aug 2016 More
New edition of “Messenger of ASUE” has been published

New edition of “Messenger  of  ASUE”  has  been  published.  Here  are  the  articles: KARINE HARUTYUNYAN Theoretical Grounds, Principles and Methodologies of Per Capita Funding of General Schools: An...

23 Aug 2016 More
“Qarvachar” squad: a winner of “Student summer-2016” festival

Traditionally, the  Student  Council  of  our  University makes students  summer  vacation  memorable  and full  in  “Tntesaget”  sport-health resort (Dilijan) every  year. This  Year  the students  w...

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