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13 Jul 2016

Job  invitation

12 Jul 2016


Vacation: prepare for new academic year

Dear ASUE  members, visitors  of  ASUE  official  website  and official  Facebook page, Today  is  the  last  working  day  of  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division /the  Division will  start ...

20 Jul 2016 More
New edition of “Tntesaget” magazine: a year-end summary

New  edition of  “Tntesaget”  magazine  has  already  been published  full  of events  and  year-end important  processes  and  achievements.   The  electronic version is  already  posted  in ASUE  of...

19 Jul 2016 More
New recruitment: comments by the Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee

After  posting  the  results of the  2016-2017  admission, ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division talked  to Mary Badalyan the  Executive  Secretary  of  ASUE  Admission Committee. Referring to ...

15 Jul 2016 More
Koryun Atoyan was unanimously re-elected University Rector

Today,   session of  ASUE  Board  was  held, headed  by Hovik  Abrahamyan, the  RA  Prime  Minister,  Chairman  of  ASUE  Board. Levon  Mkrtchyan,  Minister  of  the RA  MES, the Board  members  atten...

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